Håkon and Haffners Building Bricks


Today the towns that built Norway are often looked on as small, run-down and ugly.  The programme presenters tell us the story of how these strange towns grew up almost from nothing and contributed to make Norway the powerful nation it is today.  The programme presenters are given the task of revitalising Norway’s longest building, the transport band (Vikabandet) that connects the harbour in Mo i Rana with the iron works farther in the town. 

Håkon and Haffner's Building Bricks is a TV series about architecture produced by NRK and Fantastic Norway Architects.

The National Association of Norwegian Architects NAL, has contributed to the production of the series. 

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Monday 21.02.2011 - Kl. 22:30 When
NRK1 Where

A think tank and workshop around the tank facility at Stornes in Rypefjord.

What might the area be today?

What might it be in the future?

The project is divided into three phases. In the first phase the tanks are used as a canvas for visualising various scenarios for the utilisation of the area.  The scenarios shall demonstrate both realistic and utopian visions to stimulate the viewers’ ideas. In this way we hope to start a discussion around question 2: what the place might be in the future?

The second phase will be a workshop to which we invite various actors interested in developing the area to take part in a creative and constructive process about the place’s potential. The third phase will be a summary of ideas around the area in the form of an exhibition. 

The first phase takes place from 21 to 27 February.

utsikt lys
Monday 21 - Sunday 27.02.2011 When
Stornes, Rypefjord Where
Ingrid Neeraas Dahl, tlf:92442081, epost: dahlsin@gmail.com Contact
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En rekke aktører i arkitekturfeltet inviterer til konferanser og seminarer under Arkitekturfestivalen. Forbrukermakt i byggebransjen, arkitekturforskning, hvordan man utdanner morgendagens arkitekter og nye former for deltakelse i byutvikling og arkitektur er noen av temaene som blir belyst. 


Arkitekturdagen 2011
Konferanse om nye prosesser i arkitekturfeltet
Med blant andre Bijay Jain, Markus Miessen, Stefano Boeri, Craig Dykers og Daniel Dendra
Arr: Norske arkitekters landsforbund
Tid: 09:00 -17:00


Framtidige veivalg i arkitekturutdanningen
Seminar om arkitekturutdanning i endring
Arr: Bergen Arkitekt Skole
Tid: Dagtid


Arkitektur og framtidens bygg
Seminar om energieffektiv arkitektur
Arr: Enova SF og ZEB
Tid: Dagtid


50 milliarder ut av vinduet?
Seminar om forbrukermakt i byggebransjen
Arr: Miljøverndepartementet, Kunnskapsdepartementet, Kommunal- og regionaldepartementet
Tid: Dagtid


Drømmenes hage
Konferanse om landskapsarkitektur med blant andre Kongjian Yu.
Arr: Norske landskapsarkitekters forening
Tid: 09:30-15:30

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