SPOR: Norwegian architecture 2005-2010

The exhibition presents new Norwegian architecture. SPOR: Norwegian architecture 2005-2010 shows the qualities of individual works and points out development trends of social significance.  The works selected range from the small lay-by and private housing via building complexes with infrastructure to the major town transformations of recent years. By using various types of presentation and new media, the exhibition manages to communicate a composite picture of recent years’ Norwegian architecture both at home and abroad. 

The exhibition is the seventh in a series on contemporary architecture from 1968 to today. By presenting and problematising excerpts from all of the six previous exhibitions, this year’s exhibition also embraces the growth of today’s internationally recognised Norwegian architecture.

Juvet landskapshotell@Jiri Havran
Friday 06.05-Sunday 21.08.2011 When
Nasjonalmuseet-Arkitektur, Bankplassen 3 Where

In the Culture Quarter in Ålesund, in the space between the Jugendstil Centre and the art museum KUBE with a view of the sound and Fjellstua a wicket hay barn is being built. This is a traditional style of construction in a highly unusual setting. It is a flexible building system, making effective use of the building material.

Hay barns in Sunnmøre are made of crooked and curved wood to whatever size you need. We build a three-frame structure and cover it with a glass roof, as big, as high and elaborate as the material will allow. 

Photo: Asgeir Kvernberg

1-2 Grindløe
Sunday 15.05-Saturday 13.08.2011 When
Ålesund Where
Jon Eirik Jerve, 92046630, jej@husark.no Contact
Vestfold summer pavilion

An installation in an open space in town that arouses the curiosity of passers-by and enhances awareness around the theme architecture.

The installation shall give an exciting experience of space, light and shadow. Made of wood, it will be clothed in wooden sheeting with laser-cut openings.  Artists and architects from the county will be invited to hold exhibitions/presentations in the pavilion.

The installation will be in place for four to five weeks during the summer and will be three by five metres in size.

Partner: Velle Utvikling

05_VAF sommerpaviljong_Illustrasjon-1
Friday 01.07-Thursday 01.09.2011 When
Horten, Tønsberg, Sandefjord, Larvik Where
Giulio Torracchi tlf: 45278543 Contact
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About the Year of Architecture

In 2011 the National Association of Norwegian (NAL) architects fills 100 years.  For the occasion NAL invites you to a nation-wide project called the Year of Architecture.  The Year of Architecture will be Norway’s biggest architectural arrangement ever. During 2011 over a hundred small and big events will take place over the whole country to challenge, expand and enrich people’s relationship with architecture. With TV programmes, exhibitions, debates, publications, conferences and building projects, the Year of Architecture is a many-facetted opportunity to experience and learn more about architecture.

Room for Change
The principal theme of the Year of Architecture, Room for Change, focuses on changes in society and how these alter the role of architecture. Climate and demographic change linked with growing urbanisation alter the conditions for the shaping of our physical environment, both in Norway and in the world.  The Year of Architecture will put the spotlight on why now more than ever we need to understand how architecture can respond to changes in society.

The Year of Architecture is organised by the National Association of Norwegian Architects.  Contributors include the association’s professional communities, its member associations, architect firms, public and cultural institutions and business.


Project managers are the art and architecture gallery 0047’s Espen Røyseland and  Øystein Rø.

organized by

The Year of Architecture is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Association of Norwegian Architects

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