120 Hours Student competition

120HOURS is a conceptual competition in the field of architecture spread over five days.  The main aim of the competition is to create a platform enabling future talent to establish itself within Norwegian architectural circles. 120HOURS’ aim is to increase social and political awareness among students by creating an exercise that is highly relevant to today’s architectonic debate. 

For more information about the concept of the competition, its aim and form, see the 120 hours webpage.

Monday 21 - Saturday 26.03.2011 When
Hele Norge Where
Hans Martin Frostad Halleraker, contact@120hours.no Contact
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About the Year of Architecture

In 2011 the National Association of Norwegian (NAL) architects fills 100 years.  For the occasion NAL invites you to a nation-wide project called the Year of Architecture.  The Year of Architecture will be Norway’s biggest architectural arrangement ever. During 2011 over a hundred small and big events will take place over the whole country to challenge, expand and enrich people’s relationship with architecture. With TV programmes, exhibitions, debates, publications, conferences and building projects, the Year of Architecture is a many-facetted opportunity to experience and learn more about architecture.

Room for Change
The principal theme of the Year of Architecture, Room for Change, focuses on changes in society and how these alter the role of architecture. Climate and demographic change linked with growing urbanisation alter the conditions for the shaping of our physical environment, both in Norway and in the world.  The Year of Architecture will put the spotlight on why now more than ever we need to understand how architecture can respond to changes in society.

The Year of Architecture is organised by the National Association of Norwegian Architects.  Contributors include the association’s professional communities, its member associations, architect firms, public and cultural institutions and business.


Project managers are the art and architecture gallery 0047’s Espen Røyseland and  Øystein Rø.

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The Year of Architecture is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Association of Norwegian Architects

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