When children order architecture, the results will be unexpected and fantastic. In the exhibition Building Blocks the children are the bosses. 

The exhibition’s amazing rooms in full size invite the public to investigate every nook and cranny.  Building Blocks voices the children’s ideas concretely, physically as built space. What happens when children and youngsters work with architects to shape their ideas?

Six groups of children and teenagers from 8 to 16, from Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo get architects to work with. Together they create sketches that the architects turn into drawings for the buildings to be put up at DogA, The Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre in Oslo autumn 2011.

Empower weak voices

Children and teenagers are groups that often lose in the struggle to be heard when their near environment is being planning.  Children do not own plots or have to be notified of property developments.  They are seldom invited to hearings and are entirely dependent on adults speaking up for them and asking what they think when schools, roads and parks are to be constructed. 

Children do not engage construction companies. But in Building Blocks children are the employers.  The exhibition tests the ability of the architects to visualise the children’s ideas and thus give them a voice in construction matters.

Read more about the exhibition Building Blocks on Färgfabrikken’s web page.  

Building Blocks is arranged by Norwegian Design (Norsk Form) in cooperation with Färgfabrikken Stockholm after an original idea of Färgfabriken and Medium. The exhibition was first shown in Färgfabriken in 2010.

Saturday 01.10-Sunday 27.11.2011 When
DogA, Hausmanns gate 16 Where
FutureBuilt 2011

Future Built 2011 is arranged as a two-day conference at Union Scene in Drammen.  The conference’s first day is organised as a combination of plenum sessions and divided sessions with dialogue and debate. Day 1 is aimed at politicians.

The second day will consist of parallel sessions during which the individual model projects in Future Built will be discussed in more detail. It will also be possible to sign on for visits to model projects that are completed or under construction.  There will be space for exhibitors in connection with the conference. Day 1 ends with a banquet.

Partners: Drammen Council, Oslo Council, Husbanken (National Building Society), ENOVA (organisation to encourage environmentally-friendly energy use and production), the Ministry of the Environment, the National Office of Building Technology and Administration, the Green Building Alliance and the National Association of Norwegian Architects

Tuesday 11 - Wednesday 12.10.2011 When
Union Scene, Drammen Where
Birgit Rusten, 959 34 911, birgit@futurebuilt.no Contact
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About the Year of Architecture

In 2011 the National Association of Norwegian (NAL) architects fills 100 years.  For the occasion NAL invites you to a nation-wide project called the Year of Architecture.  The Year of Architecture will be Norway’s biggest architectural arrangement ever. During 2011 over a hundred small and big events will take place over the whole country to challenge, expand and enrich people’s relationship with architecture. With TV programmes, exhibitions, debates, publications, conferences and building projects, the Year of Architecture is a many-facetted opportunity to experience and learn more about architecture.

Room for Change
The principal theme of the Year of Architecture, Room for Change, focuses on changes in society and how these alter the role of architecture. Climate and demographic change linked with growing urbanisation alter the conditions for the shaping of our physical environment, both in Norway and in the world.  The Year of Architecture will put the spotlight on why now more than ever we need to understand how architecture can respond to changes in society.

The Year of Architecture is organised by the National Association of Norwegian Architects.  Contributors include the association’s professional communities, its member associations, architect firms, public and cultural institutions and business.


Project managers are the art and architecture gallery 0047’s Espen Røyseland and  Øystein Rø.

organized by

The Year of Architecture is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Association of Norwegian Architects

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