Bergen Open House is arranged for the second time, this time in connection with the Year of Architecture 2011.  It is intended to give the city’s inhabitants the opportunity to visit a selection of buildings and constructions in Bergen of architectonic and cultural-historical significance, many of which are not normally open to the public.

Private houses and gardens, public buildings and outdoor facilities etc may be visited and admired Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June 2011. Several events on the Bergen Festival programme are adapted to various visual and architectonic contexts.  The arrangements are free and open to all.

Bergen Open House is a cooperative project of the Association of Bergen Architects, NIL (The National Association of Norwegian Interior Architects and Furniture Designers) Bergen, NLA (Norwegian Teachers’ Academy, a university college) Hordaland and Bergen Festival.

Saturday 04 - Sunday 05.06.2011 When
Bergen og omegn Where
Siv Senneset,, 99799081 Contact
SPOR: Norwegian architecture 2005-2010

The exhibition presents new Norwegian architecture. SPOR: Norwegian architecture 2005-2010 shows the qualities of individual works and points out development trends of social significance.  The works selected range from the small lay-by and private housing via building complexes with infrastructure to the major town transformations of recent years. By using various types of presentation and new media, the exhibition manages to communicate a composite picture of recent years’ Norwegian architecture both at home and abroad. 

The exhibition is the seventh in a series on contemporary architecture from 1968 to today. By presenting and problematising excerpts from all of the six previous exhibitions, this year’s exhibition also embraces the growth of today’s internationally recognised Norwegian architecture.

Juvet landskapshotell@Jiri Havran
Friday 06.05-Sunday 21.08.2011 When
Nasjonalmuseet-Arkitektur, Bankplassen 3 Where

In the Culture Quarter in Ålesund, in the space between the Jugendstil Centre and the art museum KUBE with a view of the sound and Fjellstua a wicket hay barn is being built. This is a traditional style of construction in a highly unusual setting. It is a flexible building system, making effective use of the building material.

Hay barns in Sunnmøre are made of crooked and curved wood to whatever size you need. We build a three-frame structure and cover it with a glass roof, as big, as high and elaborate as the material will allow. 

Photo: Asgeir Kvernberg

1-2 Grindløe
Sunday 15.05-Saturday 13.08.2011 When
Ålesund Where
Jon Eirik Jerve, 92046630, Contact
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About NAL

The National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) is a members’ organisation for architects in Norway. We work to promote good architecture and the common interests of architects. We are party-politically independent and constitute a professional network and a community of interests. Membership comprises ca. 4,300 architects in the private and public sectors as well as students.

NAL was founded in 1911. The Board of Representatives is NAL’s highest organ and its national committee is NAL’s governing organ.  NAL has 14 local associations, which are locally governed.  NAL’s administration employs 35 people.

This is what NAL does:
We cooperate with various public and private institutions in order to improve general conditions for architecture.  We do this by among other things acting as a body entitled to comment on proposed new laws and regulations and by participating in debates on architecture, planning and development. NAL promotes the development of architectural policy in Norway by lobbying politicians and other decision-makers.  Moreover, we take part in international for and on behalf of our members.

Architectural competitions
NAL is the advisor for and organiser of architectural competitions in Norway.  Our competition secretariat can be contacted for advice about holding competitions as well as giving guidance and advice to our members.

Environmental Projects
Via our environmental section Ecobox we take part in and develop environmental projects on our web pages.  Our aim is to increase environmental awareness and interdisciplinarity among architects, planners and other actors in the construction sector.

Courses and professional development
Our academy offers courses and supplementary training for architects and other related professional groups.  In addition, NAL arranges seminars and conferences about architecture and local development. Each year we arrange the Day of Architecture with topical speakers from home and abroad.

Communicating architecture
NAL publishes three professional periodicals: Architecture N, Architect News and Norwegian Architectural Competitions.  We have the Nordic countries’ largest private professional library and collection of periodicals on architecture.  In addition, we have our own web dealing with central themes within architecture.

NAL’s Homepage

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The Year of Architecture is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Association of Norwegian Architects

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