When children order architecture, the results will be unexpected and fantastic. In the exhibition Building Blocks the children are the bosses. 

The exhibition’s amazing rooms in full size invite the public to investigate every nook and cranny.  Building Blocks voices the children’s ideas concretely, physically as built space. What happens when children and youngsters work with architects to shape their ideas?

Six groups of children and teenagers from 8 to 16, from Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo get architects to work with. Together they create sketches that the architects turn into drawings for the buildings to be put up at DogA, The Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre in Oslo autumn 2011.

Empower weak voices

Children and teenagers are groups that often lose in the struggle to be heard when their near environment is being planning.  Children do not own plots or have to be notified of property developments.  They are seldom invited to hearings and are entirely dependent on adults speaking up for them and asking what they think when schools, roads and parks are to be constructed. 

Children do not engage construction companies. But in Building Blocks children are the employers.  The exhibition tests the ability of the architects to visualise the children’s ideas and thus give them a voice in construction matters.

Read more about the exhibition Building Blocks on Färgfabrikken’s web page.  

Building Blocks is arranged by Norwegian Design (Norsk Form) in cooperation with Färgfabrikken Stockholm after an original idea of Färgfabriken and Medium. The exhibition was first shown in Färgfabriken in 2010.

Saturday 01.10-Sunday 27.11.2011 When
DogA, Hausmanns gate 16 Where
ART at the Norwegian Trade Fair

Do you plan to build a new house, cabin or extension?

Ask the architect for advice! The Architects’ Advisory Council (ART) has been in operation since 1979, when a group of architects took the initiative to found a forum free help from architects. The purpose of this service is to give aid and shed light on any problem of architectonic, technical, administrative or financial character and increase understanding of architectonic qualities. 

The advice is targeted at private persons planning new buildings, extensions, improvements or the like.  You can ask for advice about everything within the professional field of the architect.  Bring your in-scale drawings, pictures, sketches etc for a constructive conversation. From 19 to 23 October you can find ART at the Norwegian Trade Fair, Bygg Reis Deg (Building, Arise!)

Wednesday 19 - Sunday 23.10.2011 When
Norges Varemesse, Lillestrøm Where
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